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For years, I was a closet vegan. I was ashamed to be a vegan because I didn’t want to associate myself with the cruelty of animals. But after a lot of soul searching and much self-love and research, I came to the realization that I was not only comfortable with my body, but I was comfortable with my choices. I did not want to eat animals. I ate only food that I could cook myself. I did not want to feed animals. I ate animals.

In the new trailer, you get a glimpse of the way our protagonist, Colin, acts in the context of his vegan lifestyle. The trailer ends with him taking a nap, which is a very nice moment, but it does not really go into how he justifies this choice. This trailer is a bit heavy on the vegan, but still quite light on the character of Colin.

Colin’s veganism comes after his job at a vegan café that provides his meals. Of course, Colin will continue to eat animal products, and he seems to have no problem keeping his job. That is until he hears about the “pork, potatoes, and gravy” burger. He can’t eat that. He is forced to eat ‘meat’ as he calls it—a vegetarian burger. The trailer ends with Colin deciding to eat animal products.

He’s also a fan of tofu and tofu paste, which were invented back when he was six. The tofu is a bit of a mystery to him, but a good example of its uses.

Charliievue is also a fan of a certain food group that has yet to be invented. He is a fan of a specific food group called cilantro, which is a type of green leafy vegetable (or a “green”). The name comes from the Latin word for “cilantro.” We can only assume that Colin was not born a vegan, but that is not the point of this video.

It’s important to note that Colin grew up eating a lot of his family’s food. And while it’s true that you cannot necessarily eat food without it being processed, processed food can indeed be eaten. People are constantly eating processed food, and it’s not always just the fast food joints. Charliievue, eating cilantro, is simply one example. But the point is that we humans are naturally omnivores and that’s just the way we are.

This is what makes eating less of a hassle. It also explains why so many people are attracted to veganism. It also explains why we are so quick to label someone as a vegan if we believe they are simply not eating animal products. The fact that we eat a lot of processed food does not mean that we are necessarily eating it because its better for us or because we are making dietary changes for reasons other than health.

I would guess that many of us eat a lot of processed food because we are too lazy to make it ourselves. I would also guess that we are also too lazy to even try to make our own food, which is even worse. It is the opposite of the true omnivore who is constantly on the go and working to produce their own food.

If you have a food allergy or sensitivity, then you are probably eating processed foods in the form of processed foods. That doesn’t even sound like it would be the best thing for you to do. If you are eating processed food out of necessity, then it is probably not really being processed. I’m not saying that you should never eat processed food. It’s a perfectly normal choice to some people, and in the right situation, that is a good thing.

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