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John, what a great time to be a true believer! I would love to see you go back to the beginning. I was able to pull out my best friend’s birthday present and get it over with immediately.

I don’t know. I think it was just the night before with the fireworks and my mom making her famous caramel macchiato. But yeah, I’m a believer in this one. It is such a great feeling to know that I am not alone in this journey to take us back to the beginning.

Yeah, that is pretty much how I feel too. But I think it’s cool that even though I’ve pretty much seen this all before, I’m still a believer of the story. I’m pretty sure I remember when the game started because I remember watching the trailer and hearing the name of the game. It’s a good feeling knowing that I have friends who are going to be there and support me.

What makes you think that it’s good to be a believer? You don’t really know what to believe.

That’s because it doesn’t really matter what you believe, because you’re going to be wrong anyway. If you really want to believe you’ll be right, but the only way you’re going to be right is if you believe something that you already know to be true, but you’ll never know how you actually know it to be true.

The problem is we believe in things so much that we don’t even realize that we believe them. For example, we believe that God exists, but if we asked ourselves, “Why would God even allow this to happen?” we’d be scratching our heads in confusion. We believe in Santa Claus, but if we ask ourselves, “Why would Santa want to destroy Christmas?” we’d be scratching our heads in confusion.

The fact is that we can easily be fooled by a simple story, a myth, or superstition. We can easily believe that Santa Claus will deliver presents on Christmas Eve. We can easily believe that in the winter, the earth will freeze over, and the North Pole will melt. We can easily believe that in the North Pole, the North Pole is where the North Pole is.

Santa Claus is a myth, and we aren’t sure why someone would want to destroy Christmas. Some people just don’t like the holiday, and want to take back things they deem as being a bit too commercial. But if you ask us, Santa Claus is the best thing that ever happened to Christmas. He’s the reason that Christmas is what we have come to know it to be. He’s the reason that we celebrate Christmas.

Pole will melt. We have been through a lot of changes in this house, and we think this is the first time that we have had to give up a certain lifestyle. We are tired of the things that we have grown out of, and the things that we have become. We have taken up some of the things in our lives that we have had to let go of. But in the process, we have gained the ability to move from one lifestyle to another lifestyle.

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